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Comprehensive Eye Exams

At inVista Optical, we use state of the art digital technology to provide our patients thorough examinations and accurate prescriptions. The digital exam allows for little error in transcription of your prescription, allowing for more precise measurements. This allows us to make the exam process simple and painless. In addition, dilation is always included to better assess your eye health. 

Retinal Photography

Emergency Eye Care

Dr. Jahnke is available to treat eye emergencies such as a scratched cornea, foreign body removal, contact-associated redness, and bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eye). Call for an appointment.

We also offer the latest technology in eye wellness exams including retinal photography. Sight threatening diseases such as glaucoma, diabeteic retinopathy and macular degeneration often show no outward signs which is why a thorough eye exam with retinal evaluation is important to protect your eyes. In an effort to provide a thorough eye exam, inVista Optical has incorporated the Retinal Photography as part of your eye exam. It is not required, however, we highly recommend it since we can detect problems and sight threatening conditions early on and use the photos as a baseline to compare to future exams. There is an additional cost for this service that is NOT typically covered by most insurance plans. Our optical assistant Brooke will be able to discuss this with you further. Any additional questions about the test can be discussed during your exam with out doctor. 

Lasik Consultation
Medical Eye Care

Dr. Jahnke has trained extensively to treat eye diseases such as dry eye, macular degeneration and glaucoma, in addition to providing eyecare to patients with chronic hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes.

Dr. Jahnke partners with the best local Ophthalmologists for cataract and Lasik (refractive) surgery evaluations. She will perform preliminary screenings for potential refractive surgery candidates, provide detailed explanations of the procedure and what to expect the day of surgery. She will continue to provide post-operative care and treatment and communicate the findings back to surgeon. Pre and post-op visits with communication between Dr. Jahnke and your surgeon are necessary with any surgical procedure. 

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